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Apple would have joined more than 40 companies to make the iPad a better work tool

THE Wall Street Journal said yesterday that Apple is working with more than 40 companies to make the iPad a more relevant work tool consequently, entering even more into the corporate market and increasing the number of sales of the tablet.

Internally called MPP (Mobility Partner Program, something like the Mobile Partner Program), at least three partner companies of Ma were commented by the newspaper: Xero (accounting), Revel Systems (digital cash register) and ServiceMax (software / field services).

In fact, the program that is not publicly confirmed seems to be an exchange of experiences. Xero, for example, was asked to train Apple employees who specialize in business; others have already been called to participate in the Ma sales conference that took place in March and is normally closed to outside companies.

In addition, Apple reviews applications from these partner companies which are available on the App Store, giving suggestions on how to improve them. Apparently, Ma also took advantage of its extensive network of contacts to suggest that companies specializing in complementary apps work together with the program's partners in order to make the apps compatible, ensuring a better experience for users. The reverse is also true: these MPP participants also get in touch with Apple to introduce potential customers.

It is not known which companies are part of the program; some of them, who participate, do not even know which others are also on the move apparently Apple does not want any of them using or speaking the name of the program around.

Do you know Apple's partnership with IBM? In short, we are facing a new version of it that is more focused on connecting points (connecting companies and exchanging experiences). The desired result, however, is the same: to have better apps / services for iPads, leveraging product sales.

(via MacRumors)