Apple would have "confirmed" the French resale that launch of new Mac Pro is imminent

In a few weeks, as we reported, the Macs Pro current sales can no longer be sold within the European Union.

Perhaps to calm things down, Apple would now have informed a French retailer that a new model will be launched ‚Äúduring the spring‚ÄĚ, this is our autumn (in the southern hemisphere), which runs from March 20 to June 21.

Check out the France Systmes newsletter:

French resale newsletter on the new Mac Pro

According (Google Translate) to the site MacGeneration, the company in question is quite serious / known, so there would be no reason to doubt what it is talking about.

There are also other reasons that corroborate this:

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As Arnold Kim and Marko Karppinen put it well, Apple doesn't have much to worry about confirming the arrival of a new Mac Pro in anticipation of what is even good for corporations.

As a matter of fact, CEO Tim Cook had "confirmed" this since the middle of last year.

It is hoped that this is no longer a mere internal upgrade, but something significant as it was in the migration of the PowerPC G4 processors to G5.

It's time.

(via AppleInsider)