Apple would have bought Italian startup focused on app management

Apparently, despite the somewhat “disappointing” financial results, Apple has its pockets wide open at the beginning of 2019. After buying Laserlike, one more startup supposedly been snapped up by Ma this time, the Italian Stamplay.

According to information from the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Apple paid about 5 million euros (approximately R $ 21 million) by the company. Under the terms of the contract, the founders of Stamplay are now employees of Apple, but it is not known if other employees of Stamplay startup It will also work for the company or if the acquisition was more focused on the technology and intellectual properties of the Italian.

Stamplay (or was) a small business focused on process automation for managing apps and digital cloud platforms in other words, it worked with small and medium businesses to deploy solutions to simplify and automate the operation of their apps and internal systems. .

Apple has not confirmed the acquisition with its traditional statement (which "buys smaller companies from time to time and does not discuss their plans and purposes in this regard"). A big indication that Stamplay was actually bought, however, that your site has had almost all of the information recently withdrawn as usually happens when Ma wins a startup.

Let's follow this story in search of new information. Anything, as usual, we'll let you know.

via Cult of Mac