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Apple would have already started production of the A13 chip, which will equip the new iPhones

The current iPhones (XS, XS Max and XR) are equipped with the A12 Bionic chip; Pro iPads come with the A12X Bionic. What chips will the 2019 iPhones and iPads Pro match? That's exactly what you are thinking: A13 (some striking codename here) and A13X (with the same striking codename).

Because iPhones are traditionally introduced in September and iPads Pro in October, Apple is actually the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Ma's exclusive partner in the venture, has already begun production of this important component. In fact, as reported by Bloomberg, it all started last month (April), and now, in May, the production will start at the necessary pace so that everything stays on schedule.

The A13 chip will most likely be built under the same 7-nanometer process as the current A12 Bionic. The forecast is that by 2020 we will move to 5nm.

Both Apple and TSMC, of ​​course, declined to comment.

IPhones What's New

In addition to this information about Ma's future chips, Bloomberg It also gave some insights into what we will see in the new iPhones (which are identified by the internal codes D43, D44 and N104 respectively the successors of XS, XS Max and XR). According to the vehicle, all three will be equipped with the A13; top-of-the-line models, however, will receive a third camera while the XR wins a second in line with recent rumors.

The third camera in the models high end It would be an ultra wide angle in order to make bigger and more detailed photos. It also allow a larger zoom than the current one; In parallel, Apple would also be working on an auto-correction feature that would snap people accidentally cropped into a photo. Already the second camera of the successor of the XR would offer a zoom like what we have today on models XS and XS Max.

The “XI” and “XI Max” iPhones, still according to Bloomberg, will be half a millimeter thick than the current; the rear camera set, as speculated, would be in a square in the upper left corner which is already causing goose bumps on many people.

Finally, as you have also learned, the 2019 iPhones would come with the ability to share power and can recharge AirPods and other devices simply by having such devices in contact with the back of the smartphone, as is happening today with devices like the Galaxy S10. .

via 9to5Mac