Battery for electric cars

Apple would be working with Chinese company on automotive batteries, rekindling rumors of the “Apple Car”

It has been more than nine months since we published this news and, since then, the rumors of the mythical “Apple Car” they completely cooled down and we all assumed that Apple had in fact given up on building a car to call his own, preferring to focus on creating a self-driving system that could be equipped on third party hardware – something that, in a way, even Tim Cook himself confirmed it.

However, we can never rule out the hypothesis that the CEO has revealed only a tiny part of the company’s real plans for the automotive world, which, by the way, makes perfect sense (Apple has never been out there telling his projects out there, after all ). And if the rumor du jour it has some basis of veracity, we have every reason in the world to believe that, yes, the dream of a car with the shiny Apple on the hood is still alive.

Battery for electric cars

I say this because, according to the newspaper Yicai Global, from Shanghai, Apple would be working in partnership with the Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (or CATL, for the intimate) in research and development of technologies for automotive batteries. Sources linked to the matter, according to the publication, say the two companies have signed a confidentiality agreement to start work together, but there is no further information on the details of the plan.

Just to paint the background, CATL is one of China’s largest companies in the field of battery technology R&D, as well as being the third largest manufacturer of automotive batteries in the world; its products equip a series of hybrid and electric car models, as well as buses and other motor vehicles.

The news, of course, is not a sure indication that Apple would, after all, be working on its own vehicle for future launch. Considering that the rumor proves to be true, there is nothing to prevent the Apple, for example, simply thinking about towing batteries for the sale of its possible future automotive operating system (dear?). Still, the possibility is back with everything after that – so, let the (rumors) start the rumors!

via AppleInsider