Apple would be working on wireless headphones with longer lasting batteries

THE Forbes revealed yesterday that Apple would be working on wireless headphones that use a modified Bluetooth radio chip, which would result in a much longer lasting battery.

The information reached Forbes by a source who apparently has knowledge of the project and claims that Ma has been working on this chip for some years.

The low-power Bluetooth chip comes from a technology developed by Passif Semiconductor, a startup acquired by Apple in 2013.

But the project had some performance problems.

Apple originally planned to launch the gadget in 2015, but performance problems with Bluetooth prevented its launch.

The way it works at Apple: if it doesn't work 100%, it's not released.

It is not yet known whether the wireless headphones will come with Apple's Bluetooth chip or whether they will use a third-party solution.

Although we are only aware now that Apple is working on this new chip technology, it is not very surprising.

This is because, as we have seen with processors since 2010, it has done its best not to depend on suppliers and develop its own product components.

Further fomenting the rumor about the new iPhone not having a 3.5mm output and which supposedly would offer an option of Bluetooth headphones instead (nicknamed “AirPods”), it is possible that this product will be launched in September, together with the new smartphone of Ma.

Apple Music arrives Korea

Whether the headphones will really appear to us, we don't know.

But the fact that, with or without them, Koreans can now enjoy the Apple Music, that came Korea yesterday at a price of $ 8 / month for individuals or $ 12 / month for families of up to six people.

the second recent international expansion of the streaming of music from Ma.

A few days ago, he landed in Israel.

(via MarRumors, AppleInsider)

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