Apple would be working on digital glasses with augmented reality, says Bloomberg

Apple would be working on digital glasses with augmented reality, says Bloomberg

Apple would be working on digital glasses with augmented reality, says Bloomberg

If rumors of a car made by Apple already made us weird, imagine smart glasses? If we had never thought about it, let’s exercise our imagination right now because the new rumor is that Apple would be working on a «Google Glass of its own».

The rumor was fanned by Bloomberg, who heard from some anonymous sources that Apple would be considering entering the digital eyewear field. According to reports, even if they consider this area a little risky, the hope is that it will turn out to be profitable for the company.

The «secret project» would still be in the research phase, but – like the Apple Watch – the glasses would connect with the iPhone and show images and various other information in the user’s field of vision, probably using augmented reality. The product is scheduled for not before 2018, but since Apple likes to test its products extensively to make sure that what happened with Google Glass is not working properly, this deadline may extend further.

If we give a zoom and analyzing all the events, we can even assume that this rumor makes a lot more sense than we might think. For example, Apple has invested heavily in augmented reality, hired several experts and even bought companies in the industry.

Previously, it was thought that the Apple focus would be virtual reality (due to the fact that it formed a team of experts in the field), but as Tim Cook himself explained in several interviews, augmented reality is better because it allows people to interact so much with the real world as well as the virtual. So it’s even credible that Apple is working on an augmented reality device like glasses than a headset virtual reality, as many other technology companies are doing today.

In addition to hiring and declarations by company executives, Apple also has several augmented reality patents for things like street mapping (like a street view) in map applications.

Although the idea sounds interesting, the company may have problems with the hardware parts, which can be a challenge to achieve as it was supposed to be with the autonomous car design. The device must be as technologically advanced as it is comfortable enough for the user to be able to use it for 24 hours (or almost).

Google Glass faced several problems and, therefore, did not succeed. With the arrival of Spectacles, Snapchat, perhaps the market will start to look at this type of wearable in a different way – even if the concept of this is, at first, different from what the rumor of Apple glasses suggested. If that is really true, more information about the project will soon leak – as it always does – and we will be here to comment on them. ?

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