Apple would be working on creating (even) more sensors for Watch

Apple would be working on creating (even) more sensors for Watch

O Apple watch Already, in its present incarnation, a very formidable device in order to monitor various aspects of the user's body we have a heart rate reader, a very accurate motion sensor and even the possibility to record his VO2 mx. But, it seems, Apple is not stopping by.

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THE CNBC brought in a new report that Ma recently posted new job openings on its website that can only mean one thing: the company is looking for new technologies to further improve Watch's range of sensors, such as also all the architecture that joins these sensors and processes the information captured by them.

Vacancies posted June 10 look for professionals to join Apple's health sensor hardware team, stating: “We are looking for ASIC expert architects to help develop ASICs for new sensors and monitoring systems for future Apple products. . We have vacancies for architects specializing in analogue and digital ASICs. ”

The description does not make it clear what type of sensors the new professionals would work with, but another vacancy, published in early August for the same team, goes a little deeper into the requirements and opens up the real intent of Ma: they look for someone who "Help develop health, wellness and activity sensors." That is, the Apple Watch that is in the center of everything, really.

The question now is what these new technologies will be. Much is said about a possible blood glucose reader in future Watches, but so far this is the only rumor (and, it should be noted, more focused in the long run) related to new sensors in Ma's watches. The? We'll see.

via AppleInsider