Light space cable for USB-C, by rock space

Apple would be working on a new (and smaller) connector to be used in MFi accessories [atualizado]

Ready for yet another rumor that may not make sense, but considering Apple’s recent history of unexplained decisions might be true? Well, come on. According to a developer preview obtained by 9to5Mac, Apple would be designing a new connector – apparently called Ultra Accessory Connector (YOU ACCEPTED) – to be used basically by MFi accessories.

Light space cable for USB-C, by rock space

The connector, according to the previous one, would be 8 pins and would have a 2.05 by 4.85 mm tip, being slightly thinner than the USB-C and with almost half the length of the Lightning – resembling more, in this question, the well-known Mini-USB. The idea behind it, apparently, would be to save even more space within the most varied types of accessories made for iPhones, iPads and company.

Apple would also have plans to offer manufacturers guides to develop adapters from Lightning to UAC, from USB-A to UAC and from 3.5mm to UAC, which is a nice reminder of the mess in which the current state of cables is. and connectors in the world of Apple Tree.

It seems to me that the new connector would bring benefits particularly to tiny accessories, such as wireless headphones, which by nature have almost no internal space for components; in this sense, such a move may make some sense – in fact, the UAC specifications in the MFi program guide manufacturers to use the connector only on headphones and audio accessories.

Still, it is at least intriguing to see Apple spend money and mental efforts to develop a new interface when it already employs not one, but two (Lightning and USB-C) in very small sizes. We still don’t know almost any details about this UAC, or when – or even if – he will see the light of reality, if Apple plans to release its use for devices other than audio, outside the MFi program …

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Update, for Eduardo Marques · Feb 06, 2017 at 21:50

THE The Verge already tried to calm our spirits.

According to the website, people familiar with Apple’s plans said the company do not plan to replace Lightning technology with UAC. It is the same 8-pin connector that we find on some Nikon cameras, for example, only quite reduced. Apple’s idea is to use it as an intermediary in headphone cables.

8-pin cable

In the current scenario, headphones that use Lightning technology do not “talk” to USB-C devices; USB-C headphones, on the other hand, are only compatible with USB-C audio sources. That’s where UAC comes in, which is able to adapt well to all these technologies without any problem (obviously, with the help of adapters – always them). Yes, like himself The Verge put it, it’s a way beyond “labyrinth” of recreating the convenience that we had with the good old 3.5mm audio output.

Taking into account that more and more devices will be launched without the 3.5mm output (whether equipped with USB-C, Micro-USB or Lightning), this new UAC connector may even be the solution to put order in the fragmentation that we have today.