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Apple would be testing prototypes of Macs with Face ID and touchscreen

iMac Pro e MacBook Pro

We have just commented on some rumors brought by MySmartPrice about the next generation of AirPods and also AirPower. However, behold, the site (which has information from Apple suppliers) has released yet another information about Apple’s future plans (or not) – this time, for Macs.

According to the report, Apple is currently testing computers with Face ID and touch screen. However, the MySmartPrice he pointed out that neither of the two features should be implemented on the Cupertino giant’s computers any time soon, saying that such prototypes are only intended for «internal research».

Whether or not Apple is developing Macs with facial recognition, the fact is that the company is certainly working on several fronts to expand and take advantage of Face ID technology even more efficiently.

Furthermore, we know that Apple “retired” Touch ID (at least on the iPhone) just over a year ago, when the iPhones 8/8 Plus were announced – since then, no more launched iPhone has had the technology. Therefore, it is at least reasonable to expect that this technology will also debut on Apple computers in the future.

As for the Macs rumor with touch screen, this is not the first time that we expect (and speculate) that company computers will adopt touch screens. In reality, this dream is as old as the netbooks Apple (in 2010, even, there was a big rumor that Apple would launch the first iMac with touch screen).

It’s worth remembering that Apple never publicly supported the idea of ​​building Macs with touch screens – the company’s own co-founder, Steve Jobs, stated in 2010 that notebooks with touch screen they would be “ergonomically terrible”. In a 2016 interview, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, said that each Apple device has its peculiarity and that it is not recommended to mix things up.

We really spent a lot of time looking at the numbers from previous years and concluded that, to make the best computer, you can’t try to turn macOS into an iPhone. In the same way, you can’t turn an iOS into a Mac. So, each one is better at what they were meant to be – and we add what makes sense to add to each one, without fundamentally changing them so that they compromise their functioning. .

However, over the years Apple has applied for a number of patents related to this type of technology, which means that the company has at least researched and tested the possibility of creating Macs with touchscreens. THE iDownloadBlog suspects that the company will launch this computer in 2021, when Apple is expected to equip Macs with its own chips.

We’ll see…