Apple would be testing new 3D sensors for the rear of 2019 iPhones

Apple has worked for years to improve and leave technology behind the system TrueDepth of iPhone X ready for use with Face ID, and sent very well.

Now, she wants to go further.

To the iPhones of 2019, the company would already be testing new three-dimensional sensors to the rear of the device.

TrueDepth remains ahead, but behind, according to Bloomberg, we will have components more focused on applications such as augmented reality (augmented reality, or AR).

These 3D sensors are supposed to be different from the ones used by TrueDepth.

While this projects 30,000 points on the person's face to make an advanced biometric recognition, the rear sensors should be based on a “flight time” principle (time of flight, or TOF), in order to build a complex virtual 3D environment.

Apple suppliers such as Infineon, Sony, STMicroelectronics and Panasonic are reportedly already participating in trials and in negotiations with the company.

Obviously, it is too early to be sure to spell out the news that I will see in the iPhones of 2019, but if the tests with the technology are successful, Apple is likely to go ahead with these plans even considering how much Tim Cook bets on AR.