Apple would be talking to a Chinese company to provide you with OLED screens

The year has just begun and it is now mid-February if it is fast for us, imagine the race against time Apple must be facing.

I refer to the production of iPhones that should be released this year. Many rumors point out that Ma's new handset comes with OLED screen And, even with some partners seen as Samsung and Sharp, the industry has suffered from a major shortage of screen production. Probably concerned about this, Apple allegedly sought out another supplier of OLED screens, now in China.

According to the Bloomberg, Apple is in talks with the Chinese company BOE Technology Group. Founded in 1993, it is already one of the largest screen manufacturers in the country and the largest in the world in LCD manufacturing (according to its own data). Bloomberg).

The Chinese company is currently spending about $ 14.5 billion on the construction of two AMOLED screen manufacturing facilities. One of them still open this year and the other in the coming years; It is estimated that when both are operating normally, they will reach up to 1.6 million square meters of flexible glass substrates (the surfaces on which screens are made) per month.

As some anonymous sources have suggested, Apple would have been testing BOE's OLED screens a few months ago, but there is still no confirmation of a definitive agreement between the two. However, if this really happens, it will be the first time the Cupertino giant has chosen a screen supplier outside of South Korea or Japan.

The screen is the most expensive part of a smartphone, and producing OLED displays is not an easy process. This contributes to the scarcity that has been going on and, even if the partnership is confirmed, sources recognize that at least the OLED screens provided by BOE would not come this year on the supposed "iPhone 8" or "iPhone X", but in 2018.