Apple promises to be more honest with updates that could damage iPhones battery

Apple would be planning to create its own power management chips for iPhones

Gradually the Apple It is “getting rid” of its suppliers and creating its own technologies. She is already designing her processors, the current graphics chip supplier has said that Ma is working on own GPUs and, according to the analyst Bankhous lampe (via Reuters), she would now be doing the same with the power management chips.

According to Lampe, the PMIC component (Power management), currently provided by the company Dialog, will be replaced by one created by Apple itself. The chip in question is responsible for managing the voltage and charging for the components of a device.

The analyst says Ma has been hiring several engineers and already has its own team to work on a power processing chip. An anonymous source even stated that the Cupertino giant would be recruiting Dialog's top engineers.

The biggest complaint from users of iPhones (maybe not so much those of Plus models) regarding the battery life of the devices. So if Apple's design of its own chips is to listen to its customers' regrets and to extend battery life, this change is most welcome.

Going the same way as Imagination Technologies when it announced that Apple would no longer be its customer, Dialog also suffered a 36% drop in its shares following the analyst's statement.

Although this decision makes sense, the Barclays research Believes that Apple does not completely cut off relations with Dialog. The arguments are that Ma's 80 engineers are no match for Dialog's 1,300-person team; In addition, there are intellectual properties that Apple "could not ignore". The research firm is keen to reassure investors that none of the parties has spoken out quite differently from what happened with Imagination.

In any case, business is business. If this change really comes to fruition and brings battery life improvements, customers will surely be more satisfied and Ma will benefit as well.

(via 9to5Mac)