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Apple would be planning to bring augmented reality into the iPhone Camera app.

The day before yesterday, we learned that Apple was supposedly planning to invest in some augmented reality glasses. Whether this will come true, we cannot say for sure; however, we know that the product would most likely work with the iPhone.

To further fuel this rumor, the Business insider I heard from anonymous sources that Ma plans to add augmented reality technology to the app. Camera iPhone. Thus, it is expected that it will be possible to point the handset at a real world object and see some information on the screen. This would require the company to create or license a database of 3D objects.

For optimal integration of augmented reality with the device, Ma is expected to enhance face recognition technology as well as release an SDK for developers to adapt their apps.

A priori, augmented reality technology would come to the iPhone to showcase its capabilities and make users used to it. Only then, after "preparing the ground", the company would then present the glasses.

An initiative similar to this was developed by Osterhout Design Group, which developed smartglasses Really functional. And guess what: their chief engineer now Apple's employee. Check out the project of this group:

I didn't want to sound too pessimistic, but here in Brazil it may be a little harder to use the iPhone, walking with it shows in order to experience augmented reality. Either way, steps for the future are being taken and that's fine.

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