IOS Health App

Apple would be planning health improvements for the Apple Watch, the Health app and the HealthKit

Apple has demonstrated several times that it is interested in initiatives related to the area of Cheers, especially in relation to the Apple Watch. And it looks like the Watch feature range is going to increase even more, as stated by Bloomberg.

IOS Health App

One of the improvements that Apple is supposed to bring to its watch is the sleep monitoring. Although Watch has some apps that already do the job, Apple will bet on a native solution. There is no release date for the feature, but it may just come with a new generation of Watch as the battery in current versions may not be able to handle a full night’s sleep (that is, after a full day of use). Another hypothesis would be that the novelty is launched and Apple suggests to users to recharge the device before going to bed – a solution that may not be as practical for most people, but still possible.

The new feature would work through a more advanced heart rate sensor, capable of measuring the user’s physical condition just by observing the time it takes for the heartbeat to go from the most intense to rest.

The native application Cheers (Heath) it’s the framework HealthKit are also in line to gain improvements. Even presenting an interface with the collected data, the app does not show an interpretation of them. The next step would be to bring about changes that allow the automatic identification of anomalies and patterns, and, based on this data, offer relevant information to patients, doctors, etc.

Last month, Apple acquired a startup focused on health data (Gliimpse) and also just hired a renowned Canadian doctor. These two moves already show that your interest in health is definitely very high and we will probably see many good things coming.

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