Apple News+

Apple would be planning changes to News + to offset under-revenue for publishers

Apple News+

Of the four new services announced by Apple at its special event last March, only the News + it has already been in operation – and since then, it remains restricted to the United States and Canada, only.

The initial reception seemed positive, but soon the first complaints regarding the business model established by Apple appeared. And, in fact, it seems that the revenue that has come in for publishers is right below than expected by Apple.

Even though it was launched so recently, Apple is already planning changes to News + to compensate for this underperforming performance. In a report by Business Insider, an anonymous representative of a publisher stated that his revenue was in the home of a tenth(!) than Apple had promised at the time of the negotiations.

In analyzes made by Apple in partnership with these publishers, it was discovered that one of the sources of this problem had to do with itself Apple News interface – which mixes free content with the new paid service News +. That would be confusing users, they say.

There are also reports that the service experience as a whole it still requires certain “polishing”, indicating that it was launched without meeting the expected quality standard of Apple products.

Some of the publishers that already participated before the Texture – service acquired by Apple and which was the origin of News + – indicate that its average revenue has not changed, which can be seen in two ways. On the one hand, it would be terrible if this revenue had fallen (so it’s good news); on the other hand, Apple’s strength was practically «certainty» of an increase in revenues (which it did not).

Looking at this scenario, it is even better that Apple News + has only been released so far in the US and Canada. With that, the company will be able to set all its pointers before starting a global expansion.

via MacRumors