Apple would be investing in satellites to transmit data from devices

Apple would be investing in satellites to transmit data from devices

A report from Bloomberg points out that Apple I would be working on a new technology to transmit data to your devices on, this is not about a new feature of your systems, but about satellites!

Everything is still being treated as a possibility because, according to Bloomberg, is a secret project (now no longer, apparently) at an early stage that can still be discarded. Nevertheless, the goal of the Cupertino giant is to develop a satellite communication technology that can potentially send and receive data to and from iGadgets even more efficiently and without the need for a third party network.

The technology could be used to deliver data directly to Apple devices, or just connect them, regardless of a mobile operator's data network. It could also be used to provide more accurate location services and improve map orientation and data.

Apparently, Apple would not be building its own satellite but the communication technology that would be implemented in the space artifact. There is also a suspicion that Apple would have contacted the Boeing to invest in a project that would put more than 1,000 satellites Earth's low orbit to expand internet access, but it is unclear how far the discussions went.

Moreover, it is said that the company hired the engineers Michael Leash and John fenwick (formerly Google), the aerospace and satellite industries. Another possible name for this alleged Ma venture is the former Aerospace Corporation executive, Ashley Moore Williams.

Although the idea may seem remote, the concept behind Apple's (ambitious) attempt is unheard of: Ubiquiti unveiled a plan earlier this year to build a new kind of “satellite constellation” that can communicate directly with the mobile devices. This is because most orbit communication satellites currently need contact with ground stations to relay information to end devices.

While there are obviously many questions about this potential Apple space project, it is very important to consider that if that were the case, the company could further expand the localization capabilities (already amplified in iOS 13) of its devices, and further reduce the use of mobile networks in various system actions (which is extremely beneficial for users).

It is certainly worth keeping an eye on this new and likely endeavor by Ma.