Apple would be interested in joining forces with Foxconn and creating a screen factory in the USA

In the last few months, many rumors about a possible manufacture of Apple products in the US U.S have arisen, more precisely after Donald Trump he was elected president of the country.

Another rumor that haunts Ma is the fact that she would be looking for OLED screen manufacturers to equip the next iPhones. Although not exactly what we think, it seems that the two rumors collided into one, suggesting that Apple would be interested in joining forces with its main automaker, the Foxconnin order to create a screen production unit in the USA.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, some journalists participated in an annual Foxconn event in which the company's president, Terry Gou, would have said that Ma wants to invest $ 7 billion in a new plant in the USA, which creates between 30 and 50 thousand jobs.

The president would also have said that having a factory on American soil would be a better option than importing from China, since the demand for panels has increased. In addition, Gou would have confirmed that Foxconn will have a new molding unit in the USA, with Pennsylvania being one of the states quoted to receive it.

Other plans also involve the transfer of Smart Technologies, a startup of interactive screens, from Canada to the south of the border, in case Trump continues with the idea of ​​renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. Gou would have said that the measures announced by the new president of the United States were inevitable, but there are still doubts whether the Americans would accept to pay more for the products.

In the future, they may be able to pay about $ 500 more for American products, without necessarily working better than a $ 300 phone.

Although apparently certain that Foxconn will have a stake in American soil, Gou says that they will remain investing in China, not least because it is the largest market in the world. Some sources even suggest that this measure will benefit the company, saying that Gou could pit both countries against each other in order to get better terms.

I keep thinking with my boats: if prices increase in the USA, imagine the $ ituao here in Brazil 🙈

[via MacRumors]

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