Continuity feature

Apple would be finalizing the Continuity specifications; feature may work on older Macs via adapter

This week we talked about the Continuity feature (Continuity) and we list the possible Macs and iGadgets compatible with it. So far Apple has not commented on the matter, but everything indicates that the feature requires Bluetooth LE (low energy) – also known as Smart – to make it happen.

Continuity feature

But according to the 9to5Mac, Apple may not have commented because it has not yet finalized the appeal and, consequently, the specifications for it to work. It may be that everything is confirmed and that Bluetooth LE is really necessary. Even so, if that happens, the refuted the statement of the MacRumors that the feature will not work on older Macs via Bluetooth LE adapters.

My 2008 Mac Pro (very old) has the same Wi-Fi card as new iMacs / MacBooks Pro via an adapter for slot Mini PCI Express. He gave [conectividade Wi-Fi] 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 without the need to remove the old card, since the new one has preference over the old one.

That’s right. A 2008 Mac Pro with an adapter has become compatible with the Continuity feature, which opens the possibility for users of old machines to benefit from one of the main features presented at WWDC 2014 without having to shell out a lot of money to purchase a computer new.

It remains now to wait for Apple to finish the work on the beta versions of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 to see what the technical specifications of the Continuity feature will actually be.