Apple TV + and Apple Arcade will cost R $ 9.90 per month in Brazil

Apple would be eyeing the Oscars with six original productions

As Apple TV +, announced last March, the Cupertino giant has proved that it is willing to enter the streaming of video against some giants in the area. But that's not all the company wants with its billion dollar platform.

In addition to subscribers, Ma would be keeping an eye on the biggest movie award, of course I speak of Oscar from some original “low cost” productions that could compete at the Academy. The information is from New york post.

This is not the first time the subject comes up; now, however, anonymous newspaper sources in Hollywood said Apple has been approaching directors and other film talent in recent months to talk about six movie projects with potential to compete for the Oscars. According to these people, the company intends to invest between $ 5 million and $ 30 million in each production.

Apparently, this Ma venture is not related to the hiring of the A24 Oscar winning studio Best movie in 2017 with “Moonlight: In the Moonlight”as this partnership is already unfolding in a movie directed by Sofia Coppola, and stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones.

According to sources, Ma is being driven by the recent nominations of non-traditional Oscar movies and studios like "Pomegranate"elected Best Foreign Film this year, which currently aired by Netflix.

Apple TV + will be released later this year in more than 100 countries, including Brazil, and initially feature about 30 original titles between series and movies. As for the dream of running for the Oscars, Ma may have to mature this idea a little further, so it's likely that this project will take a while to take shape. We'll see.

via 9to5Mac