Apple would be experimenting with various prototypes of augmented reality glasses

Apple would be experimenting with various prototypes of augmented reality glasses

Apple's interest in augmented reality technologies (augmented reality, or AR) has always been absolutely public and has won the world with the introduction of ARKit at the latest Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The development platform is already in full swing in the hands of developers and promises absolutely impressive uses when the big audience can get their hands on iOS 11, their biggest spokesperson.

One aspect, however, has not been considered when we speak of augmented reality in Cupertino: glasses. This is an important element of the most immersive technology experience possible, but since the (near) death of Google Glass, few technology companies including Ma have avoided the subject.

Well, according to Financial times, we may have good news about this very soon. The newspaper, which has good sources inside Cupertino, said today that Apple would be working on many different types of augmented reality prototype glasses, although the final vision of what this product would look like is not yet fully defined among the company's engineers. .

Spectacles, by Snapchatglasses Spectaclesfrom Snapchat

For example, although some of these prototypes include projection screens, which display the content directly in the user's eyes, there is a group of engineers within Cupertino who advocate choosing a device with only one or more cameras, on the Spectacles verve, from Snapchat. Such a device would have as its main "screen" the iPhone / iPad, relegating to the glasses only the place of the "eyes" of technology.

If this is Apple's chosen path, the device could be more of an accessory than a “complete” product think of an Apple Pencil (which necessarily needs an iPad Pro to work) rather than, say, an Apple Watch (which has its functions expanded with an iPhone, but can also work alone and much more expensive).

Anyway, considering that even Apple itself doesn't know which way to go yet, the general guess we'll have a few years left before we see this idea coming off paper (if, of course, it does). That's good: the time that technology can take to develop and become more natural in the minds of consumers.

What do you guys think?

via MacRumors