Apple would be courting important artists for the creation of its original TV series

Apple would be courting important artists for the creation of its original TV series

Gone are the days when the industries of those who produced the content and those who made the product (to display the content) did not mix. If ten years ago it was unthinkable that technology companies had an active role in the creation of artistic products, today names like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are here to prove to us that we live in a brave new world. Hell, even Woody Allen, who famously said he would never work on anything other than cinema, is developing a TV series for Amazon Prime. With Miley Cyrus, no less.

On the other hand, our dear giant Cupertinian it is still a little behind in that field. So far, there are only two series news, one centered on the “application economy” and the other on Dr. Dre's life and on Apple Music which, among us, sound more like “X” episodes than anything else.

Well, apparently, things are about to change: according to a report by Fast Company, Apple is looking to talk and sign contracts with “AAA” talent from the world of entertainment and filmed art. That is, important, recognized figures that would bring prestige and respect to the still unknown plan of the Apple Original Series (the name is me kicking 😛).

The article informs that, in the last Sundance festival, Ma kept a space called “ITunes Lounge”, where a series of ultra-exclusive events were held with a series of creative minds participating in the festival. Sundance, just to illustrate, is the largest independent film festival responsible for catapulting fame to countless artists today sacred, such as Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jim Jarmusch and Darren Aronofsky.

For a company whose plans for creating original content are being classified as “disorganized”, as the Fast Company, these are very ambitious plans. And there's more: apparently, the idea of ​​Ma, unlike the Amazon and Netflix dropper strategies, for example, launch a large number of series at the same time. All of this, they say, would be part of the plan to make Apple TV the essential device for accessing everyone's content.

Considering that the report also details the plans in this field of three other giants Google, Facebook and Alibaba, it will be quite a job for Apple. Let's see what this is all about.

(via AppleInsider)