Bloomberg says “iPhone 12” will have flat sides and smaller notch

Apple would be considering postponing the launch of the “iPhone 12” for a few months

Bloomberg says “iPhone 12” will have flat sides and smaller notch

Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, anyone would expect Apple executives to take the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater sometime in September to introduce the «IPhone 12», having as main attraction the inclusion of 5G and (possibly) a slightly revamped design.

The world, however, is far from being in normal conditions of temperature and pressure – and that expectation, therefore, is also under intense doubt.

According to a report published today by the Nikkei, Apple’s top management would be considering put off the launch of the “iPhone 12” – there is no specific deadline for the possible postponement, but the sources heard by the publication cite the possibility of «Months».

The reason, of course, is one: the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused very strong impacts in all aspects of the iPhone production and sales chain. On the one hand, the assembly of the device in China could be compromised for the next few months, until the situation returns to full normality; even the device’s planning cycle was hampered, as travel restrictions between countries (including the United States and China) prevented executives and technicians from meeting to discuss details.

These are not the main reasons for the possible postponement, however: Apple is concerned about a (increasingly concrete) prospect of weak economy in the second half; such a scenario could undoubtedly dampen the interest of potential buyers of the next iPhones.

This is exactly what the company does not want. According to sources heard by the Nikkei, Apple wants to make a big impact with the launch of the first iPhones equipped with 5G – which is even understandable: since Apple will be the last of the giants to embrace technology, let it be done loudly.

If the market is in a bearish or recovering moment, therefore, it is very likely that the company will choose to postpone the launch for a few months. One of the sources in the report said something similar to all the letters: «they need the first iPhone with 5G to be a success».

Obviously, for now all of this should be treated as speculation: not even Apple executives themselves have yet hammered a possible postponement of the next iPhones. The article shows, however, that the cards are on the table – as other recent rumors have already suggested. Let’s wait.

via MacRumors