Apple would be considering launching an iPhone with Apple Pencil support in 2019

Apple would be considering launching an iPhone with Apple Pencil support in 2019

What is the likelihood of revolt or, at the very least, a laughing stock if Apple were to adopt an stylus for the iPhone?

Well, friends, it seems that this is exactly what the Cupertino giant has been pondering, according to The Investor.

As soon as the Apple pencil was announced in September 2015, people didn't even breathe and were already resurrecting that old Steve Jobs video featuring the first iPhone, saying “who wants a stylus? ”As an argument that it was a big contradiction for Ma to bring something like that, even if it was just for their iPad Pro.

Of course, Apple's own CEO, Tim Cook, made a point of explaining even if he didn't convince some people that Pencil would have different functions and was a pencil, not a pen. The differences would basically be between you * needing * to use a stylus You can do anything on your smartphone or use it just for good artwork or better handwriting, using only on a device focused on professional use (in this case, the iPad Pro).

Still trying to explain himself, however, Cook slipped pretty well when talking about “How much could be done with the Apple Pencil on iPads. and iPhones“, Which raised some issues related to the use of the accessory on the company's cell phones. After that and certainly trying to find something like the two patents related to the use of Pencil found iPhone caused even more stir.

Now sources suggest that a new version of Pencil would act as a "digital pen" for a future "ordinary" iPhone series "drastically updated" chip to support the accessory. This new smartphone, with the updated pen, would arrive in 2019:

Apple is preparing to launch the phone as early as 2019. It is also in talks with some phone manufacturers. stylus for a partnership.

Moreover, the sources stated that the stylus iPhone (di read this?) would probably be the type "supercapacitor" to take advantage of the lowest prices. By contrast, the S-Pen, used by Samsung in its Galaxy Note line devices, has electromagnetic resonance technology, which needs additional components below the screen to function.

While no one creates a time-traveling DeLorean to go to 2019 and be sure if that becomes true or not, we continue to (respectfully) state our views and you can use the comments section below to do so! 😜

via MacRumors