Apple would be considering launching a 5G folding iPad

The beginning of this year was certainly marked by the attempt (and, for now, error) of launching folding smartphones. However, Samsung and Huawei's bets served as a trigger for thousands of rumors about other possible devices with this design, and Apple obviously wasn't left out of that one.

More than concepts of an unlikely folding iPhone (1, 2), some rumors of the account that Apple would be thinking of a folding iPad, according to IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin.

As there does not yet seem to be a prototype iPad folding, it is not clear what the design of this device would be like. The analyst just said that it would be the size of a MacBook screen which is not far from reality, considering that the new iPad Pro has a 12.9 inch model.

Thus, the folding iPad could have a single screen, which would fold in two (like Samsung and Huawei devices), or a laptop-like format, but with two screens (one replacing the physical keyboard of the notebooks).

The second alternative has already been the target of some concepts like that of Astro HQ and the unattainable “MacPad Pro”.

Lin also said that the supposed folding iPad would support 5G technologywhich has been speculated for future iPhones for some time. Still, iPad Pros are likely to gain support for new mobile networks only in 2021, which somewhat points to when the possible folding iPad could be announced.

The analyst's suggestions stem from another rumor that Microsoft is releasing a hybrid (and folding) version of its Surface notebook line.

We believe Apple follows a similar concept to Microsoft to develop the foldable device with the iPadOS operating system and its A series processors.

If a device with 5G network support still sounds distant to Apple, then imagine a folding device. So while this rumor comes from a Ma supply chain analyst, there is apparently no evidence that Apple is actually producing components for the device. Opinions?

via 9to5Mac