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Apple would be considering full service package, but faces resistance from record labels

We have already talked about the possibility of Apple eventually launching a package that encompasses all of its services under a single subscription. We even discussed how much Apple could charge for such an offer. For those interested in the idea, good news: apparently, Ma is still interested in taking it forward.

According to Financial times, Apple is in the process of planning a "one-off" subscription for all its services, bringing together Apple music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and possibly Apple News + in a complete package.

For now, the biggest resistance faced by Ma would be from the record labels. Music labels would be concerned that, with the introduction of the package, their earnings from playing tracks on Apple Music would detract from what is a unrealistic prospect, as in order to attract consumer interest, Apple would have to play the value of that. full subscription down (which, in turn, could cut the value of the transfer given by the record company).

Nevertheless, not all the music giants have turned their noses on Apple's idea: some record labels have been receptive to the idea, noting that such an offer could attract even more customers to the world of music. streaming and thereby generating more reproductions (which in turn generate more money).

Anyway, the talks are still in their early stages, and there's no idea if (or when) such a package could be announced by Ma. Likewise, we also don't know what the price of this megalomaniac signature would be.

How much would you pay?

via AppleInsider