Apple would even be interested in producing series and even original films

Apple would be considering cutting the App Store fee for video service subscriptions in half

Apple opened its app store a few years ago with a very clear and simple revenue sharing model: all sales were split 70% for the developer, 30% for her.

With the evolution of the App Store and the emergence of new business models, Apple has been adapting this formula and now works with variations of it in certain cases. For soon another duty to enter the list, involving video service subscriptions.

According to the Bloomberg, Apple would be considering cutting its rate in half in these cases, thus leaving 85% revenue with the developer / service provider. This would encompass names like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, etc.

But there is, of course, a great deal in this strategy. In order to get the new “benefit”, these developers / providers will be required to integrate their programs with the new app TV tvOS and iOS, which is currently undergoing testing and will start operating in the United States in December.

Regardless, the new 85/15 division will certainly attract some new names to the Ma platform, which therefore benefits us users. It remains rooted for this to also influence Brazilian content providers, which in general remain non-existent in the world of Apple TV.

[via MacRumors]