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Apple would be close to buying Imagination Technologies, which specializes in graphics chips [atualizado]

For years, Apple has partnered with Imagination Technologies for the supply of graphics chips that equip iGadgets. Last December, he painted a rumor about her working on her own solution, but now another one has emerged that could turn this around.

According to sources Ars Technica UK, Apple would be in advanced negotiations to close the purchase of Imagination Technologies, which already owns 9.5% since 2009 and its PowerVR architecture.

The British company recently announced some financial difficulties, which could be a good trigger for this sales agreement for Apple. As is known, the giant led by Tim Cook likes to have control over the most diverse aspects of its products and now the GPU would be one more of them.

For now, Imagination Technologies does not comment on the rumor.

(via 9to5Mac)

Update · 03/22/2016 s 14:28

CNBC, Apple confirmed having had talks with Imagination Technologies but said it has no plans to make a takeover offer for the company at this time.

Ma did not comment on these rumors, but since Imagination Technologies' shares soared with the rumor, she must have seen a need to speak up.