Apple would already have over 1,000 employees working in augmented reality; analyst points out news for this year

As some rumors point out and even Tim Cook has already given clues, Apple is most likely working on something related to augmented reality. Now the Business insider revealed a UBS survey by analyst Steven Milunovoch, who believes that RA could be the "next highlight" of Ma products starting this year.

Augmented Reality

According to Milunovoch, Apple would bring RA-supported hardware for iPads and iPhones such as sensors, 3D camera and chipsets personalized, all foreseeable for the next three years.

Fortunately, he says we can expect new things in this field this year with the “iPhone 8”, which is supposed to have a moderate 3D mapping form using stereoscopic vision, based on simultaneous location and mapping technology. Alis, perhaps a patent registered by Ma l in 2011 could contribute to this bet.

The analyst also stated by bringing industry related sources that “there may already be more than 1,000 engineers in Israel working on projects that could be related to RA. ” The site may be related to the Israeli company PrimeSense acquired by Ma in 2013, which is responsible for the three-dimensional sensor used by Microsoft's Kinect.

Nonetheless, Milunovoch expects Apple to roll out new RA capabilities slowly, until the technology becomes more popular and "reaches an appropriate maturity level for the Apple brand." That is, the technology would need to “fit in and grow” within Ma, and the company would do so by releasing an RA SDK that would integrate with iOS. The analyst also reinforces the rumors of virtual reality glasses, which can be launched by the company as he still bet in 2017.

Rumors about Apple's relationship with RA / RV are very strong and increasingly recurring. Anyway, if the stakes are correct, we'll see something new about it soon.

(via MacRumors)