Apple works on improvements to improve the life of SSDs on Macs

Apple works on improvements to improve the life of SSDs on Macs

On newer MacBooks with SSD support (solid-state drives), some users noticed the presence of a curious specification about these drives when opening the System View (System Profiler) on Mac OS X. By selecting the SATA device that corresponds to an SSD, you can find the information "TRIM Support", which on current computers is certainly not supported.

TRIM is a technology that should be important for the future of computers with solid state storage devices, but which unfortunately is not widely explored by manufacturers today. What it does prevent them from losing read / write speed over time, as files are added and deleted constantly by users.

With it, internal storage blocks are instantly deleted as soon as the present files are deleted, allowing computers to receive new information more efficiently and without gradual loss of performance. The trend that SSDs will migrate from notebooks to desktops in the future, so improving their functioning right now is the smartest attitude for technology companies.

In addition to MacBooks, Xserves also use SSDs with drives where the operating system and applications are stored by IT administrators. This makes its features achieve performance improvements when the speed of reading / writing information (in the form of caches or other temporary information on disk) is a differential.

(via AppleInsider)