Apple withdraws the popular AppGratis from the App Store

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Following its new policy of vetoing apps that promote apps (read more about this here), Apple’s newest victim will leave many users unhappy: this time the popular AppGratis is that it was removed from the virtual store.

The news was released by the TechCrunch website and has not yet been confirmed by the company responsible for the app. The iPhone Blog also contacted Simão’s Brazilian representation, but during the weekend it is much more difficult to obtain communications of this type. As soon as we have news, we will update this article.

Last October, Apple added a new rule to the App Store guidelines: “All apps that display apps other than the sales or promotion editor in a close or confusing way with App Storand». The first victim was also the popular AppShopper, removed in December from the store. His website, however, continues to function normally today.

This is our hope: that AppGratis will continue with its service even without a dedicated application. Among Brazilians, he is very popular, so much so that he was voted one of the best of the year in 2012.

We still don’t have official confirmation from Simão, but at first whoever managed to download the application when it was available will be able to continue using it normally. The website is also accessible at

What will be Apple’s goal in getting this kind of useful application that helps to promote apps in a store that, due to the excess of apps, is finding it more difficult to find good titles? And why didn’t she remove the app from circulation before, with the AppShopper? And why are other titles of the genre, like Apps Gone Free, also not removed?

These are questions that we hope will be answered soon by Apple.

via TechCrunch