Apple withdraws lawsuit against Bluwiki

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Apple is said to have given up on bringing OdioWorks to justice. The company hosts a collaborative website that hosts several discussion forums. Last November, Apple discovered a discussion on how to upload content to the iPod and iPhone without using the brand’s media software, iTunes.

The company did not like it and prepared a lawsuit against the platform, Bluwiki, created in 2002 by a university student as a platform to discuss and exchange ideas using the same collaborative software that is used on Wikipedia. Alleged violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, according to which a company that provides products or services designed to circumvent technological protections is punished.

In response to the threat, OdioWorks canceled access to pages posted online with sensitive information and in some cases with programs developed from a tool that Apple kept available for some time, but has since withdrawn from the market.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has now come into play and has decided to sue Apple for interfering with the freedom of expression of Bluwiki owners and their users.

The lawsuit now comes to an end without a trial, after the apple company dropped the complaint. EFF did the same.

Editorial note: Fixed reference to iTunes instead of iPhone.