Apple with WebApps directory for iPhone and iPod Touch

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Apple has published on its website a repository of WebApps dedicated to the popular iPhone and iPod Touch. This repository aims to aggregate the web applications available for the mobile version of browser Safari, providing users with a unified directory that allows them to download optimized applications.

These WebApps, web pages optimized for the screens of the iPhone and iPod Touch and that allow some interactivity with the system, remain the only approved way for Apple to develop applications for its mobile platform.

Without one kit development software in sight and before the growing community of developers pirates, many of them related to iPhone unlocking solutions and some pressure from users, this was Apple’s way of saving some time and giving greater visibility to the legal development alternative.

It should be noted that update 1.1.1 that broke previous solutions for unlocking and installing applications directly on the system, in addition to rendering some iPhones unusable and implementing more restrictive security measures in accessing the file system, has already been bypassed, requiring only a few changes in training programs crack and the compilation of applications.

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