Apple with its own SIM card in Europe?

تجبر المحكمة الألمانية شركة Apple على إزالة أربعة منتجات من المتجر عبر الإنترنت

Apple is working closely with a SIM card maker to create its own card that allows it to sell phones directly to customers, with «little or no» operator involvement. At least in the sale.

Allegedly the solution is destined for the European market and possible thanks to a work that is being developed in a partnership between the iPhone manufacturer and the company that created the micro-SIM cards used on the iPad, Gemalto.

The news, still without official confirmation, is advanced by several international media based on an article published yesterday by GigaOm, which states that the information was conveyed by «sources within European operators».

According to the website, Apple’s goal is to allow the purchase of mobile devices, with SIM, through the Web or in Apple stores with activation to be done from the company’s application store.

Rumors claim that Apple and Gemalto created a SIM card module to be integrated into the iPhone. Customers will thus be able to choose between associating the phone services with an operator (at the time they buy the device) or activate it by downloading it from the App Store. The novelty will also allow you to change operator without changing your card.

How the system will work is still unclear, even to those responsible for the article that started the rumor, who say they are still waiting for more details, saying the companies have not provided any comments on the matter.

Even if Apple’s intentions are confirmed, it will always be necessary to resort to the operators’ networks to guarantee the telephone service via the mobile network, which will have been the reason for the visits to Cupertino by several executives of French operators during the last weeks.