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Apple with computers at 600 euros?

Apple with computers at 600 euros?

Good news for Apple fans. Apparently, Steve Jobs’ company will launch a series of affordable notebook computers tomorrow. The speculations created around the innovations advanced by Apple lead to believe that the company will bet on a more economical line, reducing the base prices of the equipment.

According to the New York Times, the price of the most basic laptop is expected to be below $ 800 – about 590 euros – and further advances that the models are expected to resemble the MacBook Air.

In July, after a strong quarter for the company, CFO Peter Oppenheimer indicated that Apple was about to bet on a new class of products that would provide more balanced competition for new standards from the market.

The only question that remains is the type of computers that Apple will bet on: netbooks Eee PC style, or price reductions on redesigned models.