Apple Wireless Charging Accessory for New iPhones Released Only in 2018

Apple Wireless Charging Accessory for New iPhones Released Only in 2018

Rumors are already certain that the "iPhone X" will have wireless charging. More than that: “iPhones 8/8 Plus” will most likely also have such capability. But, as we reported in early July, the Apple-designed accessory to recharge the devices in this way will not necessarily be released now. Today, the world's most famous analyst Apple has corroborated this.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities reported in a note to investors via AppleInsider Apple suppliers do not have a definite schedule for mass production of the accessory. That's because, according to him, the company is awaiting “technological breakthroughs” in wireless charging systems. More specifically, Apple would be waiting for the technology to meet its own internal requirements regarding wireless charger radio frequency specifications – a set of stringent standards set in part by research and development (R&D) and warranty assurance teams. company quality.

The good news, according to Kuo, is that Apple use the Qi standard after all, it's even part of the consortium, so it's possible that any accessory with this specification will work with the new iPhones. Or no. Well, Apple is Apple, and it might as well make some modifications to the standard so that wireless charging works only with a few accessories approved and authorized by it under the MFi Program seal.

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Two potential candidates to be Apple's initial partners in this endeavor, while Apple's official accessory is not Belkin and the mophieaccording to AppleInsider. Still according to the website, Apple's wireless charger would only be launched early next year (between January and March) if that is Apple's plan, which may not even be mentioned in today's keynote.