Apple wins two lawsuits involving the “touch disease” of iPhones 6 and 6 Plus

Apple finally launches repair program to fix problems on the screens of iPhones 6 Plus

Two lawsuits filed by consumer groups against Apple were dropped last Friday, May 11.

The questions revolved around the call touch disease (touch disease), a problem that affected the screens and touch sensitivity of some iPhones 6 and 6 Plus we have already talked about it here and here.

iPhone with touch disease

The two lawsuits filed against Ma accused the company of not correctly disclosing the design flaw that caused the defects in the affected iPhones, but Judge Lucy H. Koh (an old acquaintance of ours for judging several cases in the area of ??consumer law with electronics companies, including the famous ?Apple vs. Samsung ?) won Ma’s case in both cases.

The judge stated that the lawsuit «will not advance the resolution of the underlying case» (referring to the lawsuits that are already underway, which claim that Apple knew of the problem and did nothing to resolve it).

After the apprehension of Jessa Jones’ iPhone parts, here is another case in which consumers are ultimately defeated. Whether they (or rather we) are right or not, well, this is a completely different story. What do you think?

via AppleInsider