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Apple Wins FaceTime Security-Related Lawsuit

You certainly remember the huge polemic that hit Cupertino last January when a teenager discovered a serious flaw in the FaceTime which allowed a user to hear the contact they were calling before the other party answered (or rejected) the call.

The case caused Ma to temporarily disable group service calls (which were the basis of the problem) and, of course, yielded various company lawsuits from people or groups who felt injured or harmed in some way. Now, as Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the first of these lawsuits has already been completed with Apple's victory.

The case in question, brought by attorney Larry Williams II, was prompted by the allegation that an unknown person had heard the testimony of a professional client because of the failure. The Houston (Texas) court, however, dismissed Williams' accusations as invalid, claiming that FaceTime's vulnerability would not be "unreasonably dangerous," as the lawyer said.

In addition, the court also held that the evidence presented by Williams was not sufficient to prove that Apple knew of the defect, as maintained by the lawyer, and therefore could not represent a case of negligence on the part of Cupertino's company.

The outcome of the process is certainly a relieved breath at Apple Park, as with this precedent other actions of this kind are likely to have similar ends. Because Ma quickly fixed the issue, iOS 12.1.4 already came with the bug fix in February, so we are unlikely to see the company lose sleep over other such processes in the future.

via MacRumors