Apple will use GSM micro SIMs on the iPad's 3G model

The news that Apple is adopting a new generation of SIM cards for the iPad with 3G has started to give something to talk about recently, with the appearance of more details about the new GSM micro SIMs that can be used in it.

This chip model for cell phones will replace the current Mini SIM used in iPhones, taking up less physical space on the devices and offering more resources for users.

You can notice the difference between the current Mini SIM and the new micro SIM in the image above, published by the Brazilian edition of Gizmodo.

Around the contact area of ​​the new chip (shiny golden color space in the image) there is less plastic, but it has the same dimensions as the previous one, meaning that it is possible to use a small adapter to use them in current smartphones.

In general, the migration of the industry to the new micro SIMs will bring benefits, as they can carry more information (including your emails) and offer greater protection against cloning, something I haven't heard about in a while, but it's good to know that this practice is being fought.

However, the lack of products compatible with this new chip in certain countries (including Brazil) may make it difficult to adopt a device like the iPad on a large scale, even more considering that it is the first in its category.

On the other hand, this does not mean that micro SIMs are unknown to our people.

They are the only chips compatible with certain models of generic smartphones ”(or MP + any number on the front), which means that there are already a lot of people adapting conventional chips for them, through some cuts.

That is, if the iPad with 3G does not attract the attention of the Living and Clear of life, there are simple and rudimentary ways to adapt our GSM chips to it.