Apple will update School Project app with a focus on distance learning

App Schoolwork para iOS

You may not be familiar with the application School Project (Schoolwork) from Apple – either because they are not of school age or because, well, schools that give iPads to all their students are part of a reality much particularly here in Brazil.

Anyway, the Apple idea is great: providing a tool that strengthens the connection between teachers and students, allowing tasks to be distributed, consultations / collaborations to be made and the progress of each student to be closely monitored by the teacher.

School Project app icon

Well now, according to the CNET, Apple is about to update the School Project with its biggest renovation to date. The version 2.0 of the app, which is already in beta, is fully focused on the techniques of distance learning – an attitude consistent with the current moment, when basically the whole world canceled classroom activities and many schools decided to carry out the school year remotely.

Among the news that Apple will include in the application, we have a complete activity library where students can access their assignments for all subjects, save drafts or bookmark. A sidebar will display cards with reminders for events, exams or due dates for the delivery of tasks and assignments.

Teachers, in turn, will be able to monitor students’ progress in a broader way: the platform will show how many students have completed their tasks and how long it took them to do so, helping the teacher to identify if classes are proceeding at a good pace and if any student needs help in particular. If necessary, Project School 2.0 will allow teachers to send messages or make FaceTime calls to individual students, to answer questions or offer study advice.

Also according to CNET, Apple will also update the application Classroom (Classroom) – which, unlike the School Project, is designed to help in classroom teaching, with teachers and students in the same environment. The report did not detail possible news about the update, but the app will be updated later, when a reasonable number of schools are returning to their traditional routines.

Classroom app icon