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Apple will start selling products directly on Amazon

We have already commented on how well Apple is on the tape in consumer preference for Christmas gifts. Does it seem that Ma listened to the opportunity and tried to act to capitalize on it and that it would be better than establishing an agreement with the largest online retailer in the world?

As reported by CNET, the Cupertino giant struck a deal to sell its products directly or through authorized dealers in Amazon. The contract covers almost all of the company's recent products, such as the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 4, the iPads Pro, newly launched Macs and Beats headphones; it applies to the retailer's stores in several countries (Germany, Spain, United States, France, India, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom).

Currently, Amazon sells some Apple products only through unauthorized resellers, who do not bring Ma's after-sales experience and, in many cases, are unable to match the price list offered by the company.

The change is beneficial for everyone: Apple finally has an official representation on the world's largest shopping site; Amazon finally sells (almost) all of Ma's product catalog, including launches as soon as they are available (all at a table price); and consumers can take advantage of the retailer's benefits, such as Amazon Prime, without losing the Cupertino giant's after-sales experience.

The β€œalmost” of the previous paragraph has an explanation: the HomePod it's not on Ma's list of products that will be sold on Amazon, obviously, because the retailer already sells a family of competing devices, the Amazon Echo, and doesn't want a fight in its own backyard.

Unauthorized resellers who currently market Apple products on Amazon will have until December 1 to continue their activities; after that date, the devices will no longer be able to be shipped to the retailer's warehouses and, on January 4, 2019, their product pages will be removed. To continue selling the goods, merchants must register with Ma's authorized reseller program.

via The Verge