Apple will solve the problem of ice accumulating on the roof of its new Chicago store… with a software update!

A few days ago, we covered on our Instagram an unexpected little problem (not in the sense of not snowing in Chicago, but what happened in itself) in the newly opened and beautiful Apple Michigan Avenue, store flagship of Ma in Chicago (Illinois, USA).

As you can see from the photo below, Chicago is now in the middle of winter and has started to accumulate on the roof of the snow / ice store that could fall on the heads of people walking around there. Therefore, the region had to be isolated.

Quickly, many began to detonate Apple for this alleged inadmissible flaw in the store's design. Now, if the cold winter in Chicago, her roof couldn’t be designed so that something like that could happen, right?

Well, Apple responded to the problem by speaking to the newspaper Chicago Tribune and the solution is somewhat curious. What happened, in fact, that the roof has a whole heating system to melt snow / ice (the water itself runs down internal columns of the building) that just didn’t operate the way it should. Engineers responsible for the project have already applied a correction and are observing the behavior.

this, even: the whole problem will be (hopefully) solved with a software update. 🙃

Ah, these modernities

via Business Insider