Apple will review iPod prices in Portugal with the introduction of new models

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One of the most recent news from Apple in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčdigital music players will reach the Portuguese market for 299 euros. That will be the price of the most basic version of the new iPod Touch, already called by the international press ¬ęiPod without a phone¬Ľ.

With 8 gigs of memory and a touch screen identical to that of the iPhone, the model is one of two that will be available to Portuguese customers. The other offers 16 gigs of memory and will sell for 399 euros, more expensive than the iPhone, now on sale in the United States for about 290 euros.

Another of the great news announced by Apple at the event held last week in the United States was the new generation of the iPod Nano, which now offers video and has a more generous screen. In this new generation, the iPod Nano will cost 149 and 199 euros, in the 4 and 8 GB version respectively.

In the renamed iPod Classic the big news announced by Apple was a new 160 GB model that will be available in black and silver and will have a retail price of 359 euros. The 80 GB version, which currently costs 364 euros, will now cost 259 euros, a reduction of more than 100 euros, TeK learns.

Price reductions are also planned for the iPod Nano of 4 and 8 GB which today cost 208 and 260 euros respectively. The new price list places the prices of these equipment at 149 and 199 euros, which translates into a price reduction of around 60 euros. Only the price of the iPod Shuffle remains unchanged at 79 euros.

Apple has scheduled for Friday a press conference where it will give details about the commercialization dates of the new equipment.

Cristina A. Ferreira

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