Apple will reopen nearly 100 stores in the U.S. Switzerland launches first Coronavirus-fighting API-based app

Apple Union Square

And here we go for another round of news about the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) – with more store reopenings and more information about the virus-fighting API developed by Apple and Google.

Let’s go then.

US stores

To begin with, according to the Reuters, Apple announced that almost 100 of your stores in United States will reopen throughout this week, as the country’s cities are gradually adopting measures to resume activities. Some stores of the California, of Arizona, gives Florida, gives Georgia, in Indiana, in New York It’s from Texas.

Apple Union Square

Apple Union Square, one of the stores that will partially reopen

Several of these stores, however, will not open completely: they will only offer counter services, such as delivery of products and quick support services, in temporary structures set up at the entrance to the spaces. This will happen because, in some cities and states, the reopening of non-essential commerce was authorized only in these terms, with no presence of consumers in the internal spaces of the stores.

Other retail units, in states that have already allowed the trade to reopen fully, will receive consumers normally – but with the measures implemented by Apple in the rest of the planet, such as capacity limits, visitor temperature checks and requirements for the use of masks. Stores located inside malls, for now, will remain closed.

Apple asks consumers to check the online pages of the store they want to visit for information on opening hours and forms of service.

Apple Sydney

In addition to its homeland, Apple has also announced that it will reopen its only store in Sydney, Australia. The space had been closed for renovations last January, before the country in Oceania implemented measures of social isolation, and had its reopening delayed due to the Coronavirus.

Apple Retail Store - SydneyApple Sydney before the makeover

THE Apple Sydney will reopen on next 28 (Thursday) with a new look and all the recent retail elements of the company, such as a big screen for Today at Apple, renovated furniture and a meeting room (Boardroom). We, of course, will keep an eye on the changes.


Finally, according to the BBC, a Switzerland launched – still in the testing phase – the first application integrated with Coronavirus fighting API developed by Apple and Google: the SwissCovid.

For now, the application is available to members of the army, medical professionals and civil servants; it will be tested over the next few weeks and, if approved by the Swiss parliament, will be released to the entire population of the country – possibly as early as mid-June.

The operation of the application is within the guidelines established by Apple and Google; it does not capture the user’s geolocation, detecting possible contact events with contaminated people only via Bluetooth. All data is stored locally on users’ smartphones; if a contact is identified, the person has the option of sending this data to local health authorities.

The news will certainly be received with enthusiasm in Silicon Valley: over the past few weeks, several countries (as well as some US states) have expressed dissatisfaction with the API, preferring to adopt their own Coronavirus tracking solutions. If the Swiss experiment works, the tech giants will have a good card in their hands to encourage other locations to implement the technology.

via AppleInsider