Another group sues Apple over alleged tax fraud

Apple will release its financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2016 on October 25 [atualizado]

Apple today scheduled a conference to disclose its financial results for the fiscal fourth quarter 2016.

The event occurs on the day October 27, a Thursday, at 7 pm due to the Brazilian summer time (yes, it has already started). It will be broadcast live by Apple and we will, as always, have full coverage on .

In releasing third quarter results, Apple forecast revenue between $ 45.5 and $ 47.5 billion, a gross margin of between 37.5% and 38%, operating expenses between $ 6.05 and $ 6.15 billion , other income / (expenses) of $ 350 million, and a 25.5% tax rate.

The results this time will already include the initial sales of the iPhones 7/7 Plus, so it should be quite interesting. 🙂

Update · 10/03/2016 s 17:55

Due to an “agenda conflict”, Apple today anticipated the conference for the day October 25 (Tuesday) at the same time.