Apple will relaunch 17-inch iMac for $ 900

Apple will relaunch 17-inch iMac for $ 900

It seems that Apple itself has found its tongue in the teeth, this time (although you can never tell whether it is intentional or not): its online educational store was updated a little earlier than it should have been, leaking information about the launch of a new one 17-inch iMac, reportedly for $ 900.

17-inch iMac

The official date of the announcement is still uncertain, but the 24th is a strong candidate in the face of rumors of an event that would happen there, but that took place last week, with the iPhone OS 3.0. Other sites, however, speculate that 31 is the correct day.

Currently, iMacs are only available in 20- and 24-inch models, starting at $ 1,200. Like the eMac, the new smaller iMac can only target schools and universities. Honestly, a machine like this makes a lot of sense to me, covering a beautiful “hole” between the best Mac mini and the most basic iMac.

(Via: TheAppleLounge.)