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Apple will reject Watch apps that only show the time; new dials will be able to paint soon

Apple today added a new rule to its App Store approval guidelines (App Store Review Guidelines) and it covers just applications for the Watch. In short, Ma made it clear that rejecting apps that only have one function: to show the time.

Apple Watch faces

Today, the company offers nine different displays (Faces). They are: Crongrafo, Color, Modular, Utility, Mickey Mouse, Simple, Movement, Solar and Astronomy. Each Apple Watch face can have multiple visuals, you can even choose colors and add more details, such as minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Not to mention, of course, the Complications (Complications) specialized functions that go beyond scheduling the hours.

The Apple Watch comes with complications that can be added to most dials. Some of them are traditional, such as phases of the moon and time of sunrise and sunset. Others are more modern, such as the stock price, weather forecast, upcoming calendar events and a daily activity monitor. Just tap on them to get more information from the corresponding app.

Putting it all together, we have hundreds of options. Still, users may want more and disapprove of Apple's attitude of not releasing apps just for this purpose. The good news is that, despite today we have nine dials available, that number may grow in the future.

See the first paragraph of the item Watch faces and features (Watch dials and features), on the Apple Watch User Guide (Apple Watch User Guide highlighted):

The Apple Watch has a variety of watch faces, and you can customize any one to suit you. Check frequently for software updates; the set of watch faces below may differ from what you see on your Apple Watch.

In other words, Apple left the possibility of launching, more natively, more Display options.

(via 9to5Mac)