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Apple will produce music with Ryan Reynolds; The Elephant Queen trailer is released

Another day means what? More news from the increasingly kaleidoscopic Apple TV +, clear. Let's take a spin on the latest news.

“A Christmas Carol”

The first news of the day comes from Variety: Apparently Apple is in “Final Negotiations” to Produce a Book-Based Musical “A Christmas Carol” (“A Christmas Carol”), by Charles Dickens. The feature film seems to be starring Ryan Reynolds (in "Deadpool") and Will ferrell (from "The Anchor").

Ryan Reynolds and Will FerrellRyan Reynolds and Will Ferrell

The film is described as a "musical reimagining" of the famous story involving a miserly millionaire and the ghosts of past, present and future Christmas. According to the report, Apple was generous in the figures invested to guarantee the musical, which was also being courted by Netflix, through the Warner Bros. and for Paramount Ma would have spent $ 60 million only in hiring talent related to the film, which would have scared off competitors.

Sean anders and John Morris (“Suddenly A Family”) will act as screenwriters and directors of the production, which still has no details revealed. Other news related to hiring and beginning of filming should be coming soon.

“The Elephant Queen”

Meanwhile, Apple released the trailer for the first original movie to debut on its platform. streaming (and in theaters): the documentary “The Elephant Queen”. See s:

Narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor (“12 Years of Slavery”), the documentary follows a family of elephants that must cross the savannah of Africa to survive. The film directed by Mark deeble and Victoria Stone, who lived for 25 years (!) on the African continent and spent four of them capturing the footage used here.

Promising, huh?

“For All Mankind”

Moving from the subject of "movies" to the subject of "series", Apple presented in the last issue of New York Comic Con, an in-depth preview of one of the upcoming debut productions with Apple TV +: the space drama “For All Mankind”.

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Image: https://www.indiewire/2019/07/for-all-mankind-details-1202157981/

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With the presence of the main cast and the executive producer Ronald D. Moore, Ma showed the first 15 minutes of the first episode of the series that could not be recorded and were not made public. Still, the reactions to the content were quite positive: several viewers described the series as a kind of Mad Men in space, showing an alternate version of the American space program that, according to Moore, was the prospectus promised to Americans in the 1960s, but never actually delivered by NASA.

It was reported at the event that the series already has three seasons planned although Apple has not yet confirmed production of the three. The first episodes of “For All Mankind”As we all know, they will be available as early as November 1st.

Jennifer Aniston

Finally, it is worth highlighting an interview given by Jennifer Anistonstar of “The Morning Show” another of the productions that will debut with the release of Apple TV +.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon on Apple TV +Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston (right) at Apple TV + launch event

Variety, the actress stated that the series that revolves around a morning anchor fired over sexual harassment charges and the subsequent dispute between two women in the vacuum left by him was strongly influenced by the events of the #MeToo movement, which reported Hollywood abusers. .

The series was approved. We sell it to Apple only with a drawing of what we want. A, about four months later, the motherfucker hit the fan (the accusations) and we had to start from scratch, basically.

Aniston also described a certain fear in selling the series to Apple, considering the company's inexperience in the area; What convinced the actress that Ma would be the right choice was the company's focus on quality rather than quantity.

We knew what we were doing (selling the series to Apple) even though they still didn't have walls or phones. () There was something very encouraging about the idea of ​​being Apple's first. They are a very nice company. They do nice things. Why couldn't they make a cool series? And they care a lot about quality, not quantity, so that was a factor of attraction. And despite their almost comic obsession with secrets they have, it's been worth it.

“The Morning Show” have their first episodes available on November 1st.

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac, AppleInsider