Apple will pay up to $ 500 million in lawsuit involving batteries of iPhones

Apple will pay up to $ 500 million in lawsuit involving batteries of iPhones

That old controversy involving worn out batteries of iPhones and the processing power of the devices (which is reduced to give a survival to the weakened component) returned this week to the news.

That’s because, in the United States (actually in many countries around the globe, but let’s focus on one of those American clashes) Apple was being sued for doing it all quietly to supposedly get users to buy our iPhones.

According to the Reuters, the company agreed to pay up to $ 500 million to close the case – the proposed preliminary settlement for the class action was released at the end of last week and still requires the approval of the judge responsible for the case, Edward Davila.

In the agreement, Apple would pay $ 25 to each affected consumer – an amount that can be adjusted to more or less, depending on the number of people involved in the class action involving users of iPhones 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus or SE (running iOS 11.2 or higher). The minimum total payment, however, would be $ 310 million.

The lawyers responsible for the case said that the agreement is «fair, reasonable and appropriate». Also according to Reuters, they considered the payments of $ 25 per user / iPhone “considerable to any degree”, saying that a damage specialist considered $ 46 per iPhone the maximum possible amount.

But those who will really pocket the money are the lawyers, who seek to receive up to US $ 93 million (equivalent to 30% of the US $ 310 million) in legal fees, in addition to US $ 1.5 million in expenses.

In Italy, Apple was fined € 10 million for this imbroglio; in France, the fine was 25 million euros.

via 9to5Mac