Apple will open a research and development center in Beijing (China) by the end of the year

Back in 2013, we had published an article about the possible opening of the first research and development center at China. Time passed and nothing more was said about it, until last month.

In 2016, Tim Cook visited the country several times and made a billion dollar investment in a Chinese company. The Apple CEO understands well the importance that the Chinese market has and seems to be doing everything to conquer it. On one of his visits last month, he told Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli that Apple would (finally) open an R&D center in Beijing by the end of this year, but without disclosing further information.

Today, the details appeared on the website DigiTimes, which reproduced information from the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Park, the location chosen for the center. The Zhongguancun technology park has been hosting more than 20,000 technology companies (including Google, Microsoft, Intel, etc.) since 1950 and is therefore repeatedly called “China’s Silicon Valley”.

Zhongguancun Park ChinaMain street of Zhongguancun Park in Beijing, China

For the time being, investments of US $ 15 million have been made, however this amount is expected to reach US $ 45 million until its inauguration. The center’s focus will be on developing advanced technologies, including computer hardware and communication, audio and video devices. 500 job vacancies will be available and its inauguration is scheduled for the end of 2016.

Definitely, investments in the country are not being few. However, it is enough to know if the users of low-cost alternatives (which are the majority in the country) will really start to be more interested in the Apple for this attention that is being poured into their country.

[via MacRumors]